Svenska Från början

Svenska !

Swedish from the beginning
  • 20 occacions.
    2 hour/occasion

Utbildningen skräddarsys efter era önskemål.
Be om offert.

Att skriva CV

Krister Aldeborg

  • Competent teachers in Swedish -82
  • Worked with adult education since -94
  • Competent teachers SFI

The aim of the course to build the foundation for a new language - Swedish, to develop the ability to use language at work to build trusting working relationships.

The goal is that through practice and oral Swedish conversation started to understand the elements of spoken context, and also started to build its own vocabulary.

At the start of the course will require a series of questions about your own effort for the success of the language and also together with Krister determine which study materials to suit you.

This course requires its own study based on course material and exercises.

Boka samma koncept!
”Ecellent communication: Thanks a lot!”